2016 Honda Civic Updates We Hope to See

2016 Honda Civic Updates will be revealed soon pic
We think fuel economy and power are some of the things you can expect from the 2016 Honda Civic Updates

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular compact sedans in the US since it launched in 1973. It should come as no surprise, then, that the new, completely redesigned 2016 Civic is highly anticipated. Since the big reveal will happen simultaneously in Detroit and Los Angeles on September 16th, here at Willet Honda South, we are currently putting together our wish list of the 2016 Honda Civic updates we hope to see.

Improved fuel economy. The Civic has been a long-time leader in fuel economy, thanks to its small size, light-weight design, and superior driving dynamics. We expect to see Honda step it up even further with the new 2016 Civic, with highway averages easily reaching 40 mpg across the lineup.

More power. Honda has already promised that the 2016 Civic will get a new 1.5-liter engine, and a turbocharged option will now become part of the lineup. We expect the next Civic to offer enhanced sporty driving dynamics and power.

Updated design. We expect that Honda will offer a refreshed, refined, and sporty exterior design, and offer high-end upgrades inside. We expect the dash to get significant updates with premium materials and an improved design.

Only time will tell what the 2016 Honda Civic actually has in store, so stay tuned for more information when the automaker officially unveils its new Civic next week!

Here are some other predictions, courtesy of nydailynews.com.

What updates do you hope to see in the next Civic? Tell us in the comments!

Millennial Car Shoppers Love Hondas

Millennial Car Shoppers love Hondas pic
Price, styling, and quality are among the reasons that millennial car shoppers love Hondas.

Millennial car shoppers perceive Honda as one of the best car brands in the industry, according to YouGov BrandIndex. Coming in just above BMW and Ford, Honda and Toyota earned the highest scores in the recent YouGov BrandIndex perception index.

YouGov BrandIndex ranks all automakers using a three-perception matrix: the revenue-oriented Purchase Consideration (meaning what percentage of millennials say they would consider the brand when shopping for their next car), impression (which determines if there is a general positive impression of the brand), and ad awareness.

According to the study, 14% of millennials believe foreign brands are better quality than domestic brands (compared to 12% of the general population). Regarding revenue-oriented Purchase Consideration, Honda leads the way, with 34% of millennials saying they would consider a Honda next time they shop for a car.

Additionally, Honda has earned fourth place when it comes to ad awareness among millennials, meaning that millennials are not only seeing Honda ads, but recalling them.

Here at Brighton Honda, we believe millennials are in search of cars that offer maximum value, reliability, safety, modern design, and high-tech features – which is why the Honda brand continues to resonate with young buyers. Stop buy Brighton Honda today to learn more and check out our lineup for yourself!