Dangers of Drinking and Driving: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day


Staying safe on the road is especially important during the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Although this time of year is a great moment to celebrate Irish heritage, it is also important to remember the dangers of drinking and driving. This holiday is one of the most dangerous for those on the road, making it important to understand the effects of impaired driving.

About 30 people die per day of alcohol-related accidents, according to the CDC, amounting to one death every 51 minutes. This is actually one of the primary causes of death for young people, and alcohol-related crashes also generate roughly $59 billion in damages per year. This is no small matter.

What can you do? Plain and simple, if you drink, don’t drive. Try getting a taxi, or bring a designated driver. If you plan on drinking, it is best not to drive to your destination in the first place. Don’t let your friends drive either – taking their keys away could save their life. If you host a party, consider giving non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Know how alcohol affects you. Beer and wine typically contain smaller amounts of alcohol than mixed drinks, and pure liquor can have up to 95% alcohol (though most top-shelf liquor has around 45%). The frequency of consumption is also important – you should try not to have more than one drink (12 ounces of beer, one 5 ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits). Otherwise, you are likely close or over the legal limit to drive.

Be smart while celebrating!

Car Care in Freezing Temperatures


When it gets cold outside, our car gets cold, too. It can be difficult to know just how to take care of your car when this weather hits.  Here are some tips for car care in freezing temperatures:

  • If you don’t have a garage, try parking your with your hood as near a building as possible so it will be shielded from the wind and keep the battery from freezing.
  • The Chicago Tribune suggests a battery snuggie to put over the battery overnight to keep it warm.
  • In extreme cold, most experts recommend idling for a minute or two. Don’t idle for more than that as you could dilute the oil with unburned fuel.
  • Keeping the tank at half-filled helps prevent a fuel line freeze.
  • There’s a product called Tri-Flow that can unfreeze locks if you ever run into such a situation.

When it gets cold, driving can seem like a nuisance, but we have to get places! Use these tips to hopefully make your ride easier.

Acura Wins Best Television Advertising


There are lots of great car commercials out there, but not all of them win awards for it! The Honda Acura won best television advertising for automobiles, recognized by One Show organization.

Honda scored the honor at the third annual Automobile Advertising of the Year Awards, announced at the North American International Auto Show. The commercial was called “The Test” and served as Acura’s safety commercial. It was Acura’s safety that made for such a good commercial.

It’s “the first and only automobile brand to earn a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score in the NHTSA New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) across its entire 2015 model line,” reports Honda News.

The commercial is only one minute, but it pack quite the punch. Let’s hear it for Acura for earning this honor and being the safest car on the market!

Honda’s Road Readers Program Challenges Children to Be Creative


Many of us spend hours upon hours in our cars each week. According to Honda, the average family spends about four hours each week in the car together. To help families use that time in a fun new way, Honda is releasing a new app called Honda Road Readers.

This app will give Honda drivers free access to children’s audiobooks. That way, kids can spend their time in the car imaging far-off places and wild adventures and get their creative juices flowing.

“The goal for the Honda Road Readers program is to provide an educational and entertaining alternative to the usual car ride and inspire young listeners to vividly imagine,” said Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President, Honda/Acura Regional Media and Marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., in a statement. “This effort is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to the brand’s ‘Power of Dreams’ philosophy by encouraging our customers and their families to dream big together.”

And, to make the listening experience even more rewarding, many of the book are accompanied by critical-thinking questions to help children and their parents take a deeper look at the stories.

App users will have access to five free audiobooks per year, with the first one being J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. To get the app, register online, download the app, and enter your Honda’s VIN.

Resolve to Make and Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


  1. Keep it within reach. Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, save money, or stop using your cell phone in the car, you need to set a manageable goal. For example, if you honestly need to lose 100 pounds, don’t make that your goal for the year. Instead, have your goal be to make exercise an important part of your life or to make smarter food choices.
  2. Create a timetable. Create a loose schedule with mini goals that you would like to reach throughout the year. This can definitely be amended through the year, as needed.
  3. Be prepared for setbacks. There will be times this year when you will absolutely fail at your goals. That’s okay. Just pick yourself back up and keep going. Don’t let small setbacks deter you from the big picture.
  4. Get a friend. Often, if you work with someone else towards the same goal, you will have a better chance of success. Talk to your friends and family about what you want to accomplish and you will likely find a partner, or at least someone who can help hold you accountable.
  5. Reward yourself. When you reach small milestones, give yourself a reward, whatever that may be. You can even plan a major reward when you accomplish your original resolution.

With these simple steps in hand, you can be well on your way to having a successful year.

Firecrackers and Karaoke: Cool Themes For A Christmas Party

cool themes for a Christmas party pic
Cool themes for a Christmas party could send your event over the top!

If you are planning to throw a Christmas party this year, have you thought about your theme yet? Sure, the ugliest Christmas sweater contest is a cool idea, but if you feel it’s become a bit hackneyed, here are some other cool themes for a Christmas party!


Think about it. What could be more fun than watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie? Marie Claire magazine suggests adding a drinking game to your Holiday Movie Marathon if things get a bit dull.


Let’s face it: People are boring. So why not introduce your pets into the mix? Does a Pet Christmas Party sound like chaos? That’s part of the fun! And if putting Christmas outfits on your pet seems cruel, well, you want to make an omelet; you’ve got to break some eggs.


Karaoke is cool. Christmas is cool. Why not combine them? A Christmas Carol Karaoke Party gives you a chance to appreciate all of the wonderful music that the holiday has inspired and at the same time, make a fool of yourself.


At the very least, if you are going to have a regular run-of-the-mill Christmas, can you at least set off some firecrackers for us?

Honda Awarded 2016 Best SUV Brand by US News & World Report

2016 best SUV brand pic
Honda was awarded the 2016 best SUV brand by US News & World Report for vehicles like the CR-V


Honda does a lot of things well. One thing in particular that the automaker does extremely well is SUVs. Honda makes not one, not two, but three awesome SUVs. Their skills were recently recognized by US News & World Report, which named Honda the 2016 Best SUV Brand.


The Honda CR-V was refreshed in 2014. If sales continue the way they are, the CR-V will be the best-selling SUV in America for the fourth consecutive year.


The Honda HR-V was only introduced just this past spring, and the new SUV was an instant hit. In fact, together with the CR-V and recently redesigned Pilot, total sales of Honda SUVs is over a half million through October. That’s up 13.6% since October of 2014.


Jamie Page Deaton, the managing editor of US News & Report, remarked on his publication’s decision to award Honda with the 2016 SUV Brand of the Year title, saying, “The HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot are all consistently ranked at the top of their respective classes, as automotive journalists are impressed with the utility, comfort and family-friendly features that all three offer. No matter what class SUV shoppers are searching in, Honda has a model worth considering.”

Tips for De-Icing Your Windshield

De-Icing Your Windshield pic
Make sure you follow these tips on De-Icing Your Windshield

It won’t be long before freezing temperatures, sleet, ice and snow make their way. While clearing the windshield ranks very low on our list of ‘favorite things to do,’ there are certain methods that can make the process easier. Here are our tips for de-icing your windshield.

  1. Turn on the defroster. First thing’s first. Start your car and get the defroster running (on high heat). As your car warms up, the heat blown onto your windshield will help melt the ice and snow more quickly.
  2. Scrape the windshield. While the defroster is running, use your ice scraper and brush to remove as much of the snow and ice as possible.
  3. Use de-icer. If you find that a stubborn layer of ice just won’t completely clear, use a de-icing spray on the windshield. The more you use, the less time you’ll have to wait for the solution to melt the ice.
  4. Water works, too. If you don’t have de-icer, you can use lukewarm water to clear ice (never use hot water, as it can crack the cold glass). Make sure to immediately clear the water and residual slush from the windshield to ensure it doesn’t just freeze again, especially in extreme cold.

For more ice-removal tips, visit wikihow.com.

Here at Brighton Honda, we wish you a safe winter driving season. If you need help to get your car winter-ready give us a call today!

2016 Honda Civic Updates: Small Car, Big Attitude

2016 Honda Civic Updates pic
The new 2016 Honda Civic Updates include some pretty radical re-styling over the 2015 model

The Honda Civic is back, and in its 10th generation, it promises to be the most exciting version yet. Sportier, sleeker, more powerful, and more feature-packed than the outgoing model, the 2016 Honda Civic sets the benchmark even higher for the compact sedan segment. The world’s favorite compact car just got even better.

Completely rebuilt, the 2016 Honda Civic’s updates are abundant. New head-to-toe styling, available HondaSensing™ suite of advanced safety features, and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility are just a few of the exciting updates. Additionally, the new Civic is built on a platform that creates the largest cabin available in the compact class.

Honda is also offering two new engine options for the 2016 Honda Civic, including a 2.0-liter, 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC™ 4-cylinder, and a 1.5-liter, direct-injected and turbocharged 16-valve DOHC inline-4. The 2.0-liter engine is the most powerful base engine ever offered on Civic, and the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine marks the first time a Honda turbo engine is available in the U.S.

“This tenth-generation Civic is quite simply the most ambitious remake of Civic we’ve ever done,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co, Inc. in a statement. “We are bringing more new technology and innovative thinking to Civic than ever before to establish a new benchmark for fun-to-drive performance, fuel efficiency, safety performance and refinement in the compact class.”

Stop by Brighton Honda today to learn more!

Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ Ad Is about More than Cars

Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ Ad pic

Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ Ad aims to express Honda’s commitment to and history of innovation and courage to imagine big things.

In its newest ‘Power of Dreams’ ad, Honda uses paper, hand-drawings, and stop-motion animation to pay tribute to the brand’s history and wide range of products – and it’s way more fascinating than it sounds. The ad first debuted during the NFL on CBS Sunday games, and has captivated audiences thanks to its striking ability to weave together animated drawings to tell the automaker’s story.

The ad, called “Paper,” features about 3,000 drawings and uses stop-motion technology to bring them to life.

“The goal is for the marketing itself to become a demonstration of Honda thinking and all the people that touch our wide range of products along the way,” said Tom Peyton, Assistant Vice President of Marketing for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. in a statement “This commercial stands for the courage and conviction to imagine and make dreams a reality and speaks to Honda’s innovative nature and respect for personal achievement and contributions.”

Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ ad shows that Honda isn’t your run-of-the-mill automaker, but instead prides itself on its ability to engineer high-tech, premium quality products across a range of industries.

Stop by Brighton Honda today to check out our lineup of Honda vehicles, and see all of Honda’s products and the ad at honda.com.