Choosing a Co-Signer for a Car Loan

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Choosing a Co-Signer for a Car Loan is extremely important if you need help affording a car.

Having a co-signer can significantly improve a buyer’s chances of obtaining a loan, especially when the buyer has less-than-ideal credit. The co-signer is responsible for payments in the event the buyer defaults on the loan. In the event you choose (or are required) to have a co-signer for your car loan, there are some things you should consider before having someone else sign on that dotted line. Here are some tips for choosing a co-signer for a car loan.

Creditworthiness. Because of the co-signer’s role as your backup, they need to be in good financial standing. This includes proof of ability to pay in the event you cannot, which means proof of income and/ or assets to cover the amount of the loan.

Trustworthiness. Because you are going in on a financial agreement together, you better make sure you fully trust your co-signer. Maybe more importantly, they are going to need to trust you, since they will have to pay in the event that you don’t, and any late payments will affect their credit score, too. Communication will be key, as you’ll need to feel comfortable reaching out to this person in the unlikely event that you can’t pay your car payment.

Know the details. Understand the contract that you’re signing, and decide in advance who will pay late fees (if necessary), and any other issues that might arise. It is very difficult to remove a co-signer down the road, so make sure all parties understand their responsibilities for the life of the loan. Get an attorney involved if needed.

Learn more about car loan cosigner requirements here.

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2016 Honda Civic Updates We Hope to See

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We think fuel economy and power are some of the things you can expect from the 2016 Honda Civic Updates

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular compact sedans in the US since it launched in 1973. It should come as no surprise, then, that the new, completely redesigned 2016 Civic is highly anticipated. Since the big reveal will happen simultaneously in Detroit and Los Angeles on September 16th, here at Willet Honda South, we are currently putting together our wish list of the 2016 Honda Civic updates we hope to see.

Improved fuel economy. The Civic has been a long-time leader in fuel economy, thanks to its small size, light-weight design, and superior driving dynamics. We expect to see Honda step it up even further with the new 2016 Civic, with highway averages easily reaching 40 mpg across the lineup.

More power. Honda has already promised that the 2016 Civic will get a new 1.5-liter engine, and a turbocharged option will now become part of the lineup. We expect the next Civic to offer enhanced sporty driving dynamics and power.

Updated design. We expect that Honda will offer a refreshed, refined, and sporty exterior design, and offer high-end upgrades inside. We expect the dash to get significant updates with premium materials and an improved design.

Only time will tell what the 2016 Honda Civic actually has in store, so stay tuned for more information when the automaker officially unveils its new Civic next week!

Here are some other predictions, courtesy of

What updates do you hope to see in the next Civic? Tell us in the comments!

Millennial Car Shoppers Love Hondas

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Price, styling, and quality are among the reasons that millennial car shoppers love Hondas.

Millennial car shoppers perceive Honda as one of the best car brands in the industry, according to YouGov BrandIndex. Coming in just above BMW and Ford, Honda and Toyota earned the highest scores in the recent YouGov BrandIndex perception index.

YouGov BrandIndex ranks all automakers using a three-perception matrix: the revenue-oriented Purchase Consideration (meaning what percentage of millennials say they would consider the brand when shopping for their next car), impression (which determines if there is a general positive impression of the brand), and ad awareness.

According to the study, 14% of millennials believe foreign brands are better quality than domestic brands (compared to 12% of the general population). Regarding revenue-oriented Purchase Consideration, Honda leads the way, with 34% of millennials saying they would consider a Honda next time they shop for a car.

Additionally, Honda has earned fourth place when it comes to ad awareness among millennials, meaning that millennials are not only seeing Honda ads, but recalling them.

Here at Brighton Honda, we believe millennials are in search of cars that offer maximum value, reliability, safety, modern design, and high-tech features – which is why the Honda brand continues to resonate with young buyers. Stop buy Brighton Honda today to learn more and check out our lineup for yourself!

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Car

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This little guy wants you to know how to keep your dogs cool in the car.

Being stuck in a hot car is unbearable for anyone, especially dogs. Every year, hundreds of dogs tragically die after being left in a hot car. In order to raise awareness, we have provided some tips on how to keep dogs cool in the car while traveling below. With temperatures soaring this summer, please remember to never leave a dog in a hot car for more than a few minutes without implementing some of these tips below.

  1. Sun Shades – If leaving the air conditioning on with someone else in the car isn’t an option, one way to prevent the car from overheating so quickly is to use sun shades. They can easily be found in any automotive section or baby section.
  1. Portable Battery Powered Fans – To keep airflow moving, invest in a portable battery powered fan. They can be found in most camping or outdoor sections of your local store.
  1. Cooling Mats or Coats – Another way to keep your dog cool is to use cooling mats on the seats of your vehicle, or to use a cooling coat. Great options can be found here and here.
  1. Pack a Cooler – If you’re planning a longer trip with your furry friend, make sure to pack a cool full of water and ice packs. When you stop, cool your dog off with some fresh water and ice packs if they start to overheat.

We love our pets and treat them as family, and we hope you do too! It’s not always possible to take our dogs into stores with us, so make sure your visit is brief and that you don’t leave them stuck in the car without knowing they’re properly taken care of and won’t overheat. For more information on how to keep your dog safe in the car, click here.

Honda Accord Technology Features Improve Once More

Honda Accord Technology Features pic
With the new model, the Honda Accord technology features are set to surpass the 2015 version, shown here.

The new Honda Accord technology features make it the most advanced Accord ever offered in the U.S. New features have been added for 2016 including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition to more tech, the Accord receives some styling updates you’ll be sure to love.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enhance driver-to-car connections and offer smartphone capability through the Accord’s entertainment system, HondaLink. The new technology allows you to access apps previously only available on your phone, and puts them at the tip of your fingers. The new systems increase smartphone integration and ultimately keep drivers safer because their eyes are not on their phones.

In addition to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Accord receives a new 7-inch display audio touchscreen interface and Honda Sensing will be available on all trim levels.

The Accord also gets some major styling upgrades including a sportier front and rear end, LED fog lights, aluminum hood features, bigger grille, LED taillights, and 19-inch wheels.

If you’re interested in experiencing the newly styled and technologically advanced Accord for yourself, visit us at Brighton Honda!

New Honda Pilot Offers Customers Even More as a 2016 Model

2016 Honda Pilot
2016 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot quickly and immediately became a customer favorite upon its release, and now, years later, it remains a best-seller thanks to its spacious design, dependability, and performance. Plus, the 2016 Honda Pilot has actually been completely redesigned to make it even more customer friendly than ever. Many of the improvements to the Pilot, in fact, directly answer customer feedback.

For example, the new Pilot takes “a huge leap forward in interior refinement,” Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of Honda, said. The interior comes with a more elegant look and feel, plus it comes with many technological options as well. It has five USB ports, a Garmin navigation system, and much more.

The interior isn’t the only thing that’s new and improved, though. It comes with a new Elite trim, has great powertrain options, and has been lightweighted for better fuel efficiency as well. Come see us here at Brighton Honda to learn more about the 2016 Honda Pilot and what sets it apart in the full-size SUV game today. We can’t wait to show you all the new bells and whistles on the Pilot!    

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