Have Fun with Thanksgiving in Detroit

Thanksgiving in Detroit
For decades, Thanksgiving in Detroit has been a big deal. There are plenty of festivities throughout the weekend to choose from.

If you are looking for the most fun place to spend Thanksgiving, the answer to that question is Detroit. For decades, Thanksgiving in Detroit has been a big deal. There are plenty of festivities throughout the weekend to choose from.

  • Thanksgiving Parade. Just like in years past, this parade will go down the historic Woodward Avenue on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23). If you are watching the parade live, it steps off at 8:50 a.m. If you watch it on TV, it starts at 10 a.m.
  • Wild Lights. Starting the weekend of Nov. 18, you can head to the Detroit Zoo to see thousands and thousands of LED light displays throughout the zoo.
  • Football. On Thanksgiving Day, you can watch your favorite football team in the 78th Thanksgiving Day Classic right here in Detroit. This is one of the longest-running Thanksgiving football traditions.
  • Turkey Trot. Get some fun exercise before you stuff your face by running in the Turkey Trot in Detroit. Choose from a 10K, 5K, or a 1-mile walk. Many participants dress up in fun Thanksgiving-themed costumes.

Which of these Detroit Thanksgiving traditions would you like to add to your holiday? Here at Brighton Honda, we want to wish every a happy, healthy, and fun Thanksgiving.

How You Can Celebrate Earth Day

As we move further into 2017, the environment becomes an increasingly important topic. As such, there will be plenty of celebrations all around the world for this year’s Earth Day. Here are just a few ways that you can celebrate Earth Day this year.


Leave the car at home

In a show of solidarity, feel free to leave your car home for the day. As we move closer to clean technology, it’s an important step. If you can, try biking or taking public transportation to work.


Don’t shower

It sounds gross, but the average shower uses a lot of energy and water, and you can do your part on Earth Day by skipping out on the shower for once. Just be sure to use deodorant!


Write to the government

If you’re unhappy about the current environmental situation, write to your local government, as well as the federal government. Change has to start somewhere.



What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by actually getting out in the environment and doing something to make a difference. There will be plenty of different events going on.


No matter how small of an action you think it is, it’s always better to do something rather than nothing on Earth Day to show your support for cleaning up the environment. We here at Brighton Honda love to see change in action.

Celebrate Earth Day